Your kitchen’s design can have a big impact on how you feel there. Yes, it is crucial that the design is usable. However, once you’ve designed the ideal layout and acquired premium appliances, the decorative accents give the room character and encourage you to spend more time cooking and spending time with family there.

We’ve put out lots of kitchen decorating ideas to get you started, whether you’re looking for a simple kitchen refresh (like new kitchen rugs!) or want to give your area a completely different vibe (imagine a European restaurant feel). After you’ve finished browsing, don’t forget to think about integrating the kitchen trends that experts anticipate will be popular.

1.Adding one pattern shade

Kitchen decor

Any area can be quickly improved by window treatments. Designer Lauren Lothrop Caron made her own kitchen more appealing by adding Roman shades in the Darby Rose fabric by Jasper and brass accents. A little framed painting and delicate pendant lights increase the feeling of comfort.

2.Display Your Mug Collection(kitchen Decor)

Kitchen decor

The farmhouse kitchen of Food Network star Molly Yeh is full of brilliant ideas, like a walnut handcrafted pegboard where she displays her East Fork Pottery mug collection. Other instruments, such as a cookie cutter and scissors, and ornamental items, such a little vase of flowers, are also stored in the functional artwork.

3. Set aside a wall niche.

Kitchen decor

If you don’t have much room for decor in the kitchen itself, consider decorating a wall niche in a breakfast nook adjacent. Open shelving and bright decorative items are displayed in a wall niche in a Barie Benson-designed beach house in North Carolina.

4. Decide on blues and whites

Kitchen decor

A room always feels upbeat when painted in a blue and white color scheme. Designer Shannon Roberts used floral wallpaper, light blue cabinets, striped curtains, and a rug with a blue border in the kitchen of a carriage house in Savannah, Georgia. The last touches are a few paintings and brass accents.

5. Arrange numerous rugs

Kitchen decor

The designer added not one, but two patterned rugs to Isabel Ladd’s kitchen in her Kentucky house to enhance the maximalist look. From the backsplash to the ceiling, a wallpaper with a complex design is used, and a statement-making neutral pendant light offers tenderness.

6. Construct an expansive gallery wall.

Kitchen decor

Designer Rudy Saunders built a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall that runs from the dining room through part of the kitchen to give his studio apartment a distinctive, fun air. To keep the refrigerator from protruding, tennis green and white striped contact paper has been used to cover it.

7.Make book crates.

Kitchen decor

Books are displayed and kept out of the way with the help of cubbies Nicole Dohmen, the home’s designer, constructed into the kitchen island. The addition of a colorful table light and a purple planter next to the range adds an unexpectedly cozy touch.

8. Consider Ledge Shelving

Kitchen decor

Try basic ledge shelves if you’re the kind of person who would benefit from always being able to see the covers of your cookbooks so that you’ll really use them. The ones shown here make room in Joanna Saltz’s insane cookbook collection in her New Jersey kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer. Saltz is the editorial director of House Beautiful.

9. Give It a Feel of an Outdoor Bistro

This deVOL kitchen has an outside café air because of the wrought iron window boxes in the skylight recesses, the patterned wallpaper, and the earthy color scheme. Near the arched windows, the Smeg refrigerator blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

10. Use fabric to cover glass cabinetry

Kitchen decor

Whittney Parkinson, the designer of our 2022 Whole Home, utilized Morris & Co. cloth to cover the contents of the subdued navy cabinets. A backsplash that is partially reflective and has a textured element enhance elegance.Decide on a decorative hood.A range hood can be noticed in a kitchen readily because it is a very large device.Designer Alison Victoria of the unique cover says, “I wanted a hood unlike anything you’ve ever seen, one that’s artistic and also functions properly.”

11.Decide on a decorative hood.

Kitchen decor

A range hood can be noticed in a kitchen readily because it is a very large device.Designer Alison Victoria praises the bespoke hood created by Mark Wentz of Americo Fabrication & Design in her Atlanta loft: “I wanted a hood unlike anything you’ve ever seen, one that’s artistic and also functions properly.”

12 Showy Flower Pots

Kitchen decor

In the kitchen of her home in Singapore, Elizabeth Hay, an interior designer, has a series of potted flowers and mugs hanging underneath a bright green open shelf. More flowers are displayed in containers on the window sill, and colorful dishes adorn the walls.

13. Hang Pans

Kitchen decor

Pans can be hung to serve as both a decorative accent and a practical storage solution. Just look at this Sheila Bridges-designed kitchen, which even has silver pig sculptures perched atop the rod.

14. Opt for Bold Lighting

Kitchen decor

You won’t even want additional art to give your kitchen a wow effect if you have a statement-making pendant light. The strikingly enormous lamp takes center stage in this Parisian residence designed by Studio Razavi. The magenta carafe and the striped cups are two examples of colored glassware that liven up the industrial kitchen.

15. Decorate the Refrigerator

Kitchen decor

Peel and stick wallpaper panels can be used to cover up an ugly refrigerator, as designer Anothy Dunning did in his own New York apartment with L’Amour by Tempaper. Finding removable wallpaper that doesn’t look overly shiny is essential, according to Dunning.

16. Paint the Floor

Kitchen decor

Interior designer Kevin Isbell painted the floor of a Nantucket cottage in a blue-and-white checkered pattern to update a vintage kitchen. The recent renovation is complemented by cloth secured inside glass cabinets and café curbs.

17. Employ Open Shelves

Kitchen decor

If you have open shelves, use the feature like a gallery wall would. Beautiful pottery, framed artwork, baskets, and old trinkets should be layered on each level. Cabinet doors were also eliminated in this kitchen by Kathryn M. Ireland in favor of fun fabric covers.

18. Examine Faux Brick

Kitchen decor

San Francisco kitchen designer Lynn Kloythanomsup went with a traditional red brick appearance to emphasize the personality of the space. She describes it as “being like a thin brick tile.” It looks more authentic than peel-and-stick wallpaper with a brick pattern, and you can hardly tell the difference.

19. Showcase Seasonings

Kitchen decor

Consider building columns of storage on either end of your range rather than staying with a solid slab backsplash. A favorite cookbook, spices, oils, and tiny bowls were placed on shelves in a Laura McCroskey-designed home to create a practical and attractive display.

20. Create a Mini Ceramics Exhibition

Kitchen decor

Put a few of your favorite pieces on display close to your kitchen cabinets if you have a china cabinet full of plates, teacups, and other collectibles. The patterned porcelain dishes and jars in this kitchen by French & French Interiors are arranged and easily accessible from the kitchen table.

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